Audiobooks & Podcasts


If your looking for a full service, comfortable place to record your Audiobook or commercial, then give us a call. Our Studio has a number of spacious ways to record your voice. We offer a number of different microphones as well as microphone manufacturers including Neumann and Shure. We garuntee you a satisfactory experience. We offer you a selection of water, coffee from around the world, wine and spirits to wet your whistle if you choose!

Record in a comfortable environment tailored to your tastes while getting the job done. Contact us today to book an available date(s).


Perganitsonic is the perfect place to record your podcasts as we also offer two camera 4k video of your experience. What better to post online with your podcast than a video that gives your audience a more immersive experience?! We have a two person podcasting desk available for use with backdrops to create the perfect atmosphere to record your podcast!