Recording & Engineering Services

Pergantisonic is based in Smyrna GA. We have a main tracking room that is around 500sqft as well as a isolation booth. The tacking room is adjustable due to its moving wall panels and allows me to finely tune the rooms reflections to get just the right recording. Should the project require it, we also have two other rooms available to us. The first is a “shotgun room” which is long and great for recording long throws. The other is a 3000 sqft warehouse which is off site in the Alpharetta area.

Pergantisonic uses only the best gear because my production theory is simple. Record it right the first time, cause there is no such thing as fixing it in the mix. I offer a range of recording and production services at reasonable prices.

I am willing to, and do travel if the job is out of state or international. Contact me now to discuss how we can get started working together!